The Barcode is the Mark of the Beast. A Beast in Bible prophecy is a Political Power/Government
or the Head of the Power i.e.: A President.
666 Hidden in Barcode

In the very near future, a World Government will impose a
Barcode on your right hand or forehead
and you will
need this to buy or sell.

If you have the Barcode it will be the equivalent of selling your
soul to the DEVIL.

If you want to know more read on. . .

All standard Barcodes have the number 666 hidden in them. Standard Barcodes are what we have on
consumer goods.
If you look at Picture 1 you will see the Barcode numbers from 0-9.
The number 6 (six) is represented by two thin parallel vertical lines.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Barcodes 1-9
Barcode with the guard bars that represent the number 6 only The inner barcode code is removed and replaced by the words in red left side and right side
If you look at Picture 2 you will see a Barcode with the
numbered lines missing and just the start, middle and
end lines. The number 5 (five) is the country of produce,
5 (five) represents the United Kingdom. It could be a 9, 7,
3 or whatever it doesn't matter as some Barcodes don't have them and its not important see Picture 3
Picture 3
Barcode with laser scanner across it
Now in Picture 2 you will see a you will see the words "Right Hand Side" and "Left Hand
Side" written where the numbered Barcodes lines should be. The numbers in Picture 1 are
only found on the right hand side of the Barcode. On the left hand side of the Barcode the
numbers have a different pattern in fact they are the inverted version of the right hand side.
Now the right hand side is the most important to us, because it has the Barcode pattern
for the number 6 (six)
, which is dentical to the three seperating barcode lines with no
number underneath them, the to end lines and the middle line. See Picture 2
Picture 4
Picture 5
Barcode with arrow pointing to the number 6 (six) which is represented by the two thin parallel vertical lines
If you look at Picture 4 you will see an arrow which
points to the number 0 (zero) and 6 (six) together.
If you look at Picture 5 you will see the numbers 0
(zero) and 6 split apart. If you look at Picture 3
again you will see a red horizontal line, this line
represents the laser scanner what you see at the
supermarket or petrol station.
Barcode with a number 6 (six) occuring at the end and cut awayThe number 6 (six) cut away from the end of the barcode